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Dex Bookkeeping, LLC

Payroll Services

Payroll service includes:

  • Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payrol via check or ACH
  • Periodic payroll reports detailing wages and withholding
  • W2 and W3 form generation

Are you in a similar situation?

In 2016, Christian started a small convenience store in an office center. Little did he know how popular of an idea this would be!

Half a year later, Christian has opened 3 new stores. He has employees now. Christian has discovered how much time and paperwork employees require. As he was becoming overwhelmed, a customer recommended he contact Dex Bookkeeping, LLC.

Christian called and arranged a meeting. He left knowing his employees would be paid, his records would be accurate, and his payroll tax paperwork would be done correctly and on time. All Christian had to do was ensure that time sheets were submitted weekly and sign checks & paperwork before it was sent.

Dex Bookkeeping can help you by handling your payroll paperwork.

Get started today: Call us at (281)537-9933 or use our Contact page now!

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