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Dex Bookkeeping, LLC

Full Service Bookkeeping

Full service bookkeeping includes:

  • Day to day accounting records
  • Periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) financial statements
  • Bank account/credit card reconciliation
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable aging reports
  • Primary document organization and storage

Does this sound like your story as well?

In 2016, Jayla decided to turn her passion for helping people plan events into a wedding planning business. She found that there was a demand for her services and got to work.

Jayla soon realized that she was spending more and more time organizing receipts, tracking expenses, and doing paperwork. It got so bad that clients began wondering if she still had the time to do any actual planning.

Jayla felt hopeless and was considering closing her business.

She mentioned her problem to a friend who recommended she talk to a bookkeeper first.

After researching the topic, Jayla turned to Dex Bookkeeping, LLC. Her new bookkeeper listened to her dilema and presented an alternative to shutting down.

Jayla now sends her receipts and hours worked to her bookkeeper, who then enters them into her accounting system, adds them to client invoices, and creates easily readable monthly reports for her so she can see how her business is doing at a glance. Jayla now has the time she needs to help give her clients the perfect wedding.

Let us handle your bookkeeping so you can have more time to devote to YOUR passion.

Get started today: Call us at (281)537-9933 or Sign up online now!

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