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Dex Bookkeeping, LLC

Bookkeeping Consulting

Consulting services offered:

  • Current bookkeeping analysis and report
    • Get an in depth report on your current bookkeeping method and ways (if any) it can be improved
    • Intended for established businesses that have been in business over a year
  • New business bookkeeping needs report
    • Get a customized report detailing the exact bookkeeping process you should be using with your new business based on a one-on-one interview
    • Intended for businesses in the start-up phase and under one year old

Can you relate to this currently on-going story?

Daphne has worked as an agent providing financial services and insurance to indivuduals and small businesses for some time now. She recently decided that she would like to start her own practice.

Daphne knew that she would need an accounting system in place to help her business succeed. She was not sure which program to use.

After doing some research herself online, Daphne had narrowed it down to a couple different programs, but wasn't confident that one would work better than the other. She also knew that as her business grew, she would want to outsource her bookkeeping.

Daphne called Dex Bookkeeping, LLC. She spent around fifteen minutes on the phone with a bookkeeper discusing the pros and cons of each of her software choices. She asked questions about which one would fit her needs best. She was skeptical because one was drastically cheaper than the other. The bookkeeper she spoke with was familiar with both and informed her that they would both suit her needs. Knowing that she plans on outsourcing her bookkeeping, he let her know that even the cheaper one would make transitioning to a bookkeeping service go smoothly.

Dex Bookkeeping, LLC offers an in depth report going over the bookkeeping system for your established business, as well as a comprehensive report detailing the accounting system you should have for your new and startup business. These services are competitively priced.

Bookkeepers from Dex Bookkeeping are also usually available during normal business hours to answer your basic questions over the phone. The best part? Basic and informal help over the phone is free.

Get started today: Call us at (281)537-9933 or use our Contact page now!

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